Sell Mahogany Board, With The Correct Processing Techniques

sell mahogany board kiln dry

As a timber company, to produce good products, processing must be carried out properly. This is also what the company does to sell the mahogany board to its customers.

Mahogany wood has a quality that is no less good than other wood, so it is often used as raw material for buildings and furniture. The quality is not inferior to teak, or any other wood. However, a careful and correct manufacturing process must be carried out to produce perfect quality. There are many ways in the process of processing mahogany into semi-finished wood, or ready to use. It all depends on the producer who sells the product. Including producers who sell mahogany board.

Correct Wood Processing Techniques

To produce good quality wood, the processing must be correct. Even if necessary, a processing stage is carried out many times for maximum results. There are several types of techniques used to convert raw wood into semi-finished wood, as well as ready-to-use products. The following are techniques that are often used by manufacturers to process wood:

  1. Saw Milling Technique

This process is a process commonly used by wood producers. In this process, the raw wood is processed into semi-finished wood or usually boards, and has different thicknesses. Some have a thickness of 3 cm to 15 cm. If you need a board with a special thickness, you only need to order from a manufacturer who sells a mahogany board with a thickness that suits your needs.

The sawmilling process requires the help of a special machine that is useful for cutting wood into smaller pieces. The first machine needed was a bandsaw machine or band saw machine, which split logs into smaller pieces. While the second machine is a circular or disc sawing machine. Serves to cut the wood into smaller pieces so that it is easy to dry before starting production.

  1. Kiln Dry Techniques

All types of wood used as a raw material must go through the drying stage. At this stage, the wood will be dried before entering the next process. The goal is to become stronger in its use. In this process, several things must be considered so that the wood dries faster. Among them are the thickness of the boards, how to stack wood, and the method of drying used. For example, if wood with a soft texture will break easily if drying is done quickly.

The drying process itself will take between 2-4 weeks, depending on thickness, capacity, wood type, and weather. Most small producers use the drying method with the aid of a post or wall back and rely on sunlight. Meanwhile, large producers usually use the aid of an oven.

  1. Assembling Techniques

The assembling technique is the last technique of the wood processing process. The stage is in the form of making various components, then assembling the components, and finally finishing. So that it uses a machine that has a variety of forms and functions. Because in this process, wood will be made into goods or materials that customers need.

This stage consists of forming a wooden design, then the wood is smoothed and made as desired. Machines used to consist of cutting machines, crab machines, drilling machines, spindle or profile machines, sandpaper machines, to vacuuming machines for dust or dirt. This process is also followed by producers who sell mahogany boards.

  1. Reproductions

This technique is used for people who want to reproduce goods that already have a function. For example, re-making chairs or tables using used wood. Artists or people who like classics will enjoy this technique. Because it can make goods according to the desires of the artistic soul. However, in general, manufacturers who sell mahogany boards do not use this technique to sell their products.

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The products of this wood company have international standards. This is evidenced by by-products that have been exported to various countries. That includes ordering mahogany boards. Which will be processed again according to customer needs. Therefore, entrust your wood needs to this company. Because it provides raw wood, semi-finished, even ready to use.

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