Rubber Board Manufacturer, With Variety Of Products In It

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Today, rubberwood is not only used as a carpentry chart. However, it is useful for furniture or household appliances. Rubber board manufacturer also provide their products for reprocessing or ready-to-use.

Rubberwood that has been used to extract its sap, will be cut down to make carpentry or outdoor furniture. The part that is not included in the sawn timber grouping will be included in the wood waste group. From the wood waste, it can still be used by making various kinds of boards for further processing. These boards are usually sold through rubber board manufacturer at a lower price.

Various Benefits Of Rubber

Apart from rubber latex which is used as raw material for rubber production, it turns out that there are various other benefits provided by rubber trees. These benefits are felt directly by humans and the environment. Here are other benefits of rubberwood.

1.      Furniture Raw Materials

The wood that has been felled will be grouped into several parts. This part is in the form of logs and waste wood. For the log group, it will be used as saw wood and plywood. Because in this group, wood has a diameter of more than 20 cm. As for waste wood, it will be used as raw material for fiberboard and particleboard. These boards are of course still very useful, because they can be used as household appliances and home decorations. In the process of making furniture, generally using wood from groups of logs and in the form of sawn timber. Various products that can be produced such as dining sets, garden sets, even for molding. Besides, logs can also be used to make household appliances.

2.      Material For Wooden Planks

Previously it was discussed that rubberwood in the form of wood waste, can be used as a material for making fiberboard and particles. For its use, this form of wood will be easier to apply for making furniture than logs. Thus, rubber board manufacturer is increasingly being hunted by entrepreneurs to be used as raw material for making furniture. Rubberwood planks can also be used as a raw material for making wooden floors. It supports you if you have the desire to decorate your home with a more natural impression. Coupled with furniture and accessories made from rubberwood. The house will look natural with the addition of special natural paint, which can be applied to wood.

Besides adding to the beauty of your building, it will also make wood more durable. Apart from the advantages of particle board as a material for making furniture, fiberboard also has advantages that are not inferior. Namely, it has more flexible properties, but its water absorption does not meet market standards. However, these shortcomings can be covered by adding other wood as a mixture.

3.      Natural Fuel

Besides being used as a raw material for making furniture and building materials, rubberwood can also be used as a natural fuel, namely charcoal. Not all types of wood are flammable. There is a special assessment to be able to consider a type of wood is firewood or not. Rubberwood has a specific gravity following firewood standards. So rubberwood is firewood with a good grade. The requirements for commercial firewood are at least 74-81% bound carbon. For rubberwood, it has a bonded carbon of 79%, close to the maximum value for the firewood requirement. So that rubberwood has pretty good firepower.

PT. Kwalitas Cipta Utama is a wood producer that provides rubberwood for sale. This rubber board manufacturer provides boards made of rubberwood, at a low price. Besides, this company also provides rubber wood in other forms. The rubber wood you order can also be in the form of a finished product Such as flooring, flush doors, engineered panel doors, glass doors, skirting, and many more. Various products can be produced indicating that this company has a complete machine. Of course. The machines used by this company are complete and their quality is guaranteed. Regarding the price for each product, a low price will be offered, but still has good quality. The price is cheap but not cheap, able to compete with other manufacturers.

This timber company has experience in the wood business world, namely since 1986. It has even exported products to various countries, such as Mexico, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. They entrust their products to this timber company, because of several advantages that have been previously mentioned. The capacity of this company is capable of producing 1.500 sets of doors. The resulting product has a stable moisture content, which is between 10-12% for wooden doors, so it is expected to be able to withstand extreme weather. With these advantages, this company’s products already have international standards. What are you waiting for, determine your choice of wood needs to this rubber board manufacturer. Because your needs can be met. You can order wood in unfinished form until the product is ready to use. Order and prove firsthand about this company’s products.