Mahogany Board Manufacturer, Providing The Best Quality

Mahogany Board Finger Jointed Laminated Board

Mahogany wood is one type of wood with the best quality, which is suitable for making furniture and even doors. To get it, you can search for an existing mahogany board manufacturer.

Mahogany wood is one of the best quality woods in Indonesia. Even in the industrial world, mahogany is known as wood for carpentry with good quality. With the ease of processing this wood, mahogany is often used as a material for making various furniture, from cabinets, windows, tables, and doors. If you need mahogany for your business, you can buy it through a mahogany board manufacturer that is around you. Here are some facts about mahogany, for your consideration in buying it.

The Facts Of Mahagony

Not only as a material for making furniture, but the mahogany also has several benefits. Maybe not many people know these benefits. Check out the following explanation which will explain some facts about mahogany.

1.      Reduce Pollution

Apart from being a material for making various furniture and building materials, mahogany trees have the advantage of being able to reduce air pollution. Its ability to absorb pollution can reach 69%. So that this wood is often referred to as a natural air filter. This happens because the leaves of the mahogany tree can absorb dirty air and turn it into oxygen. So that if you have a mahogany tree, you will feel fresher breathing the air around it.

2.      The Characteristic Of Mahagony

The mahogany wood has a slightly pale pink color on the inside. However, it is not uncommon for mahogany that has a dark red color, which indicates the age of the wood is more than 25 years. As for the edges of mahogany, it usually has a white or brown color. The wood which has a strong texture is very suitable for use as a base for making furniture or other building materials. Besides, the smooth texture makes it easy for craftsmen to cut and shape this wood. This is because the pores of mahogany are very small. So that many entrepreneurs are looking for this wood from various mahogany board manufacturers.

  1. The Wood With Many Advantages

The popularity of mahogany occurs because this wood has many advantages. Especially for the manufacture of furniture and building materials. Its fine fiber makes this wood much sought after for use as furniture. Coupled with a natural color paint finish. To find it, you only need a mahogany producer, which provides various forms for sale. Including wood in the form of boards that can be used as raw material for making doors. The mahogany wood is also used as a material for making window frames, even for musical instruments. Why can musical instruments be made of mahogany? Because this wood has a stable surface and is not easy to shrink or bend. Although the price of this wood is cheaper than teak wood, the quality is still guaranteed.


  1. The Lack Of Mahagony

If mahogany has good quality as a material for making various furniture and building materials, it turns out that this wood also has shortcomings. As long as it is still a raw material, this wood is easily attacked by pests. So that it makes the wood hollow. This is very detrimental to wood sellers, especially mahogany board manufacturer. Because it makes the price of mahogany boards go down, due to hollow boards. The mahogany wood is not durable if it is made for outdoors, because it will be more susceptible to pests. Besides, wood will easily become moldy because it is exposed to unstable air. So, furniture made from mahogany should be stored indoors only.

As a producer of wood products, PT Kwalitas Cipta Utama provides a variety of products made of mahogany. The company is a mahogany board manufacturer that has been experienced since 1986, so there is no doubt about its quality. Various products are offered, such as doors, consisting of flush doors, engineered panel doors, and glass doors. The best wood producers, not only provides door products, but there are several other products made from the highest quality mahogany wood. These products include flooring, finger joint boards, furniture, wall molding, skirting, baseboards, decking.

All of these products are made with complete machinery. So you don’t need to doubt about the quality. The price offered by each product is cheap and competitive, but with highly guaranteed quality. It even has a door production capacity of up to 1.500 sets. If you come from outside of Indonesia, don’t worry. Because the wood company of the highest quality serves the export of products to various countries, such as Australia, Mexico, the Middle East, and Africa. Entrust your needs to the mahogany board manufacturer, PT Kwalitas Cipta Utama, because the boards offered have a stable moisture content equal and below 10%. The products produced also have international standards.