Finger Joint Board In New Zealand, How Is The Usage Level?

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Pieces of wood that are not used, can be joined and produce boards. The technique used can also use finger joints, resulting in finger joint board in New Zealand.

The finger joint board is a series of small pieces of wood and is joined by adhesive. This product has better stability and strength than wood in its original form. Finger joint board in New Zealand are mostly used for products where appearance is important. With the help of a special machine, the finger joint board has a high-quality result. Therefore, the strength of the finger joint board cannot be doubted.

Agree And Disagree With The Use Of Finger Joint Boards

Humans have a variety of personalities. One individual with another individual has different opinions. Likewise with the use of a finger joint board in New Zealand. Some people are pro, and some decide to be against the product. The following are interesting facts about agreeing and disagreeing.

The Pro Side

When you want to use wood by minimizing waste from the work of the product, then you have to adjust to the specifications of the wood being cut and also the combination. Besides, the New Zealand-made boards can produce good quality products. Including, the product is not defective.

Many consider that solid wood is better than connection boards. Connection boards are better and more profitable than solid wood. Solid wood is of lower quality and higher production costs than joint boards. Besides, the joint board has better traction and compression than solid wood.

One of the advantages of connection boards that many people like is its natural yet beautiful appearance. This happens because the joint board consists of several small pieces of wood that are joined together so that they have a different pattern on each wood. So that it produces an attractive pattern even though it is formed from the natural color of the natural wood.

The Cons

When something has a side that agrees with the statement, of course, it has a side that does not agree. Likewise with connection product of finger joint board in New Zealand. When many people agree with the presence of a connection board, many people disagree with their presence. However, the connection board still exists even though there are people who contend with the connection board.

The things that cause people to contend with the absence of a connection board is that the connection board has a lot of cracks on the surface, internal cracks. Besides, the joint board also has gaps that can result in damage to the board and not function optimally. Therefore, board manufacturers must be more observant in the process of joining and gluing. So that there are no gaps that are bad for users.

If one is a meticulous person, then it will pay attention to the precision of the finger joint board made. Because the manufacture of finger joint boards will be said to be successful if the joints are precise and there are no cracks due to gaps between the joints. The gaps that form between the wood joints will be given adhesive glue so that the gaps are closed. Besides, another disadvantage is the existence of a line at the longitudinal connection. This happens because, at the time of assembly, the two logs that are connected are not strong enough to withstand the pressure applied.

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When the wood preservation process is not running optimally, the wood will be overgrown by fungus. This certainly disappoints users because they use wood of poor quality. So that it appears that the connection board is susceptible to mold. The high resin content also makes people think that the joint board will be difficult to finish. So that the fungus easily appears on the surface.

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